Is The Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Worth It?

Bride Makeup
Bride Makeup

You want to look your best if it’s a special event, your big day, or even just a date you have been looking forward too. You will want your skin to look amazing for the entirety of the evening, and the best airbrush makeup kit can probably get you the flawless results you desire. However, as with most makeup techniques, airbrush makeup also comes with certain flaws.

When used correctly, the best airbrush makeup kit can give you the smooth complexion you have always wanted, but you should know about the disadvantages before you commit fully to investing in the best airbrush makeup kit.

So, how do you know if the best airbrush kit is worth it? Well, we have tired and test plenty of airbrush kits to make sure that you can make an educated decision. Let’s learn more about airbrush makeup.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

You may have some idea about what airbrush makeup actually is, but you need a full picture to understand whether the best airbrush makeup kit is worth it. Basically speaking, airbrush makeup utilizes compressed air to softly mist the foundation across the skin. It has special cartridges for the foundation that fits into the airbrush machine.

Airbrush makeup was usually used by makeup artists for celebrities and models before they stepped in front of the flashing cameras or walked the red carpet. These systems used to be small applicators that sprayed some foundation.

Now, airbrush systems have evolved and are designed to accommodate home users as well.

Pros for Airbrush Makeup

Every makeup technique has some cons, but the pros just need to outweigh them. This is mostly based on your personal needs from makeup. Here are the main advantages that make the best airbrush kit worth it for people.

1.   Airbrush Makeup Can Last All Day

You don’t want to fiddle around with touching up your makeup on your wedding day, date, or any other special event. Usually, traditional makeup can fade over time, but airbrush makeup has the tendency to truly last all day. If you pick to get a kit like the best airbrush makeup kit, it will perform well under all sorts of conditions.

You can choose between water-based or silicone foundations. The latter tends to last longer on the skin and is even more water-resistant than traditional makeup. It can withstand any amount of touch so that it holds its own. 

2.   Known for Flawless Finish

Is the best airbrush kit worth it for the flawless finish it gives? The impeccably glowing and smooth finish is a given since the airbrushing technique allows you to apply the foundation evenly across the skin. The complexion looks perfect, and each picture you take will come out looking perfect for the Gram.

3.   Uses Less Product

To get the perfect contoured or smooth look, you often have to use a heavy coat if you go with regular makeup. The best part about airbrushing makeup is that a little bit goes a long way. Airbrush makeup feels natural and light on the skin. You will get more coverage from less product due to the smooth spray application technique instead of feeling like your makeup is caked on.

4.   Layering Is Easy

This is definitely one of the major advantages of airbrush makeup. You can customize the application method to your personal preferences to the nth degree. If you prefer a full face of makeup or would rather go with a light, natural look, you can get it from airbrushing makeup. Airbrush makeup is applied in fine, thin layers that dry quickly on the skin. If you want extra coverage or want to apply a round of highlighter, blush, or bronzer, airbrushing makeup will be a great option.

5.   Easy to Apply

The magic on airbrushing makeup is the ease with which you can do your makeup. It takes mere minutes to complete a flawless look that may have taken you ages with traditional makeup. Since it dries quickly, you can layer makeup quickly as well, unlike with regular cream-based foundations.

6.   Most Hygienic

Airbrushing makeup is known to be one of the most hygienic makeup techniques in the business. Normal techniques like sponges, brushes, beauty blenders, and even fingers aren’t really hygienic. They can damage sensitive easily and collect a lot of bad bacteria.

Cons of Airbrush Makeup

Like with any makeup, there are definitely certain cons that you have to consider properly before you use it.

1.   It Can Be Flaky

If you have dry skin, it can look a little flaky, especially if you are choosing a silicone-based foundation. Since the formula for most silicone-based foundations is waterproof, it can be less creamy when you mist it across the skin. However, don’t let this get you down. Choosing the best airbrush makeup kit for hydrated, moisturized skin can result in flawless, amazing looks. You should make sure to have a good skincare routine in place in the days leading up to the wedding.

2.   Can Be Harder To Re-Blend

Airbrushing makeup is designed to come out looking perfect in the first go. It is usually waterproof and doesn’t ruin that easily. However, if you mess it up in some way, it can be harder to fill it back into the flawless look. Even with regular makeup, it can be difficult to re-do. Before applying the airbrush makeup the first time, make sure that it dries completely before doing anything else. If you do it the right way, messing it up won’t be that easy.

3.   Limited Shade Options

One of the drawbacks of airbrushing makeup is that you don’t get much of a variety when it comes to color shades. The lack of skin tone shades in most brands can be utterly disappointing. The limited selection of brands and shades to choose from means that you may not find your perfect match. Most companies only sell around 4 options in skin tone shade. The Luminess airbrush makeup kit is the only one with 16 color shades that you can also mix and match to find the perfect color.

4.   More Expensive… Or Is It?

If you are planning on getting airbrushing makeup from a professional makeup artist, you will be charged more for the look. However, if you are planning on investing in buying a Luminess airbrush makeup kit, it is actually more affordable than regular makeup. With regular makeup, you have to invest in separate products like foundation, bronzer, highlighters, brushes, and beauty blenders. With the best airbrush makeup kit, you get all of that in one go. Since you need less product for a flawless look, you won’t have to replace your stash as frequently either. Hence, if you go to someone else for airbrush makeup, it will be expensive, but it’s cheaper if you buy the kit yourself.

Why Would You Need Airbrush Makeup Kits?

If you are a makeup enthusiast looking for more ways to apply makeup, you should definitely try airbrushing makeup. It has plenty of benefits over traditional makeup, which can make up (pun intended) for the limited cons too.

Airbrushing makeup is perfect for people who want:

  • Application in a few minutes rather than laborious work for subpar results
  • Always end up with a flawless, smooth tone
  • Don’t like caked-on makeup or using too much product
  • Don’t want to keep on renewing makeup stock again and again
  • Want a complete kit in one go instead of buying different products
  • Want hygienic results

Is The Best Airbrush Kit Worth It?

The answer is an astounding yes, but only if you actually get the best one. If you get a subpar makeup kit, you will end up facing the cons more than ever. Subpar kits can result in uneven skin finish, low range of skin tone shades, and come off quickly. This is why you need to pick the best airbrush makeup kit.

After scouring through most of the popular brands, we have come to the conclusion that the Luminess airbrush makeup kit is worth your money, time, and effort. It is known for amazing results since the pressure applicator ensures an even finish. Professional makeup artists and home users alike prefer it for high-quality makeup and the easy process. The nozzle and compressor unit work efficiently with each other to make sure that you have no issues.

The formula is water-based, which is great news for people who have sensitive skin. But don’t worry, if you want a long-lasting effect, Luminess has the perfect product for you. The foundation comes in two types: satin and matte. The satin finish leaves a natural look that adds a glow to the skin. For a long-lasting and reliable effect, you can always rely on the matte foundation to ensure that you look perfect.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about getting the right skin tone. Usually, companies only develop minimal skin tone shades, but the Luminess airbrushing kit comes with 16 different shades that you can choose from. This ensures that you get a flawless complexion every single time you use it. If you are a professional makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, the 16 shades mean that you can always blend to find the right one for your clients too.

If you are worried about the price tag, you shouldn’t be. The Luminess airbrush makeup kit is worth it because it comes in many different versions. Each kit has different ranges of products, which means you can get one close to your budget. The only difference between the versions is the compression and the add-ons. You won’t need to waste money on getting a system that is more suitable for professional makeup artists if you only need one for home use.


Is the best airbrush kit worth it? Definitely! They are an innovative way to apply makeup that always has great results. The flawless skin tone and smooth finish can be achieved in minutes. Plus, it is the most hygienic way to apply makeup on the face. The Luminess airbrush makeup kit is designed to ensure that every makeup enthusiast is happy with the results.

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